Alison Flora is a pluri-disciplinal artist living in Toulouse, south of France. From a fine arts course, she basically find inspiration in diy culture, middle-ages arts, art brut and the aspect of occultism in the world.


Focusing on the expression of a contemporary hell as anxiety, obsessions, traumas, dark thoughts and madness of the humanity, drawing is considered as a therapy, with a vision of the today’s society taboos, her own fear and obsessions, in a way that is both dramatic and humoristic. Interesting in the work of artist such as Roland Topor, the « Panic mouvement » , Frida Kahlo’s obsessions, underground Japanese movies as Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s film, Alester Crowley, but also the all artist in the field of art brut and Viennese actionism, she finds inspiration in pagan, folklore and traditions from the ancient times.


Her latest work is a serie of drawings painting with her own blood in a ritual process, witht the help of a nurse, she get some bloods as a basis of ink.


2012 - 2015

ESA Pyrénnées, DNAP Art (Bachelor's degree)

2015 - 2017

ESA Pyrénnées, DNSEP Art (Master's degree)

Awards / Interventions


Laureate residence Sabotage , Tropisme x Baleapop 9, Saint-jean de Luz


 Art café "poster music too", Intervention in the context of the exhibition "Variation sur un même thème "at the Parvis, Art Center, Tarbes




 Unpleasant Visions, group exhibition with Igor Kach, Nova Logika, Belgrade


ON/OFF A suivre, group exhibition, Omnibus, Tarbes


Drawing Room 017, group exhibition as part of the MAIF Young Talents Award, La Panacée, Montpellier


Baleapop festival #9, Sabotage, group exhibition, Tropismes, Saint-jean de Luz


Flowers of Khaos, group exhibition, 182 avenue C, Manhattann, New York


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